Natural Makeup

Personally, the makeup I use everyday is mostly Glossier. I've used up 4 concealer pots in over 2 years and have bought one of each of the CloudPaints and Generation G, my everyday makeup had become a no-brainer, picking out shades eenie-miney-moe style or experimenting on blending colours on my cheek for dimension or lip colours. I love how I can never put too much and just use my fingers; I love everyone looks and feels good in them instantly; I lovingly call the line bobo-proof. It may need some primers or fixers to set and wear longer but all-in-all, it's a great line to have in your to-go everyday kit. It's not officially sold in the Philippines and resellers sometimes almost never have stock so when we stumbled upon a trove of them, my friend, Jopie and I decided to grab them to share with you. So I hope making them available here helps you get your glow!
According to the Glossier Website:


Happy makeup.

We’re not out to make you into someone else or complicate your routine. We just want to bring you the best makeup products—the ones you’ll reach for every day.

skin first. makeup second.

Start with the most important thing: perfectly primed skin. Glowy, dewy skin is synonymous with Glossier, with products invented to bring out your best before reaching for makeup. Then makeup becomes the fun part, not the fix—as it should be.
According to VOGUE:

"Revolutionary for its time, harnessing a certain come-as-you-are acceptance."

According to TIME:
"Allow(s) women to look like the best version of themselves, not an aspirational version of someone else."

All product photos by Jopie Sanchez and styled by Jasmine Mendiola